A Rather Enthused Update!

I’m feeling rather excited lately. Add to that inspired, clear-headed, motivated and… well, you get the picture.

But why?

imagesAfter so long of muddling along with my writing and trying to juggle it with other ways of making money (and failing), I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel! Frustrated at doing so much work and getting nowhere I thought that it was about time I stopped and analysed where I was going wrong. Why was my business model not working? In fact, what even was my business model? To help me out I did a lot of research (and that research, folks, is still ongoing) into how other Indie* writers manage to make a living (and in some cases more than a living) from selling and marketing their own books. To say that I have learned a lot is making a huge understatement. In fact in the last few months I have learned more about the writing and publishing process than I did in all my years studying creative writing at uni or at any time since. In future posts I shall be sharing these books, tools and blog posts with you under a new category on this blog called ‘Cool Writers’ Tools and Book Reviews‘ as well as sharing my journey along this road.

I’m also excited about my planned projects. In the last post I talked about being multi-passionate. That trend also streaks through my writing life – I am never happy when writing just one thing. I used to feel bad about this – the little voice in my head nagged that I would never write anything worth while unless I focussed my full attention on it. Well actually, as it happens, when I do write, I DO focus my attention on it for the time I am writing it. And then when I switch projects, THAT project then gets my full attention too. But, nags the voice, you’re spreading your time over more than one thing – how can that be productive? Well, it turns out that when I write on different projects I am actually MORE productive than when I keep to one because I am HAPPIER! When I try to stick with one, I get bored, fell like it’s a chore and then start procrastinating. Needless to say, that voice in my head has now shut up because it has run out of arguments!


So, a little update on my current projects:

The Despenser novel – yep, the long-running saga is still running and is currently about 120000 words long in first draft and still going. This project will probably take the longest as it requires the most research and structuring. Plus I want it to be as right and also as compelling as it can be.

The Owl Wife (Working Title) – a novel combining the present with the mythic past with plenty of magic and shapeshifting. Oh, and a few bodies. That’s all I shall say at the moment apart from that I’m very excited about writing it.

A series of e-Books about medieval life aimed at historical authors and anyone else who has an interest in the ins and outs of how people lived back then. I am particularly keen to get rid of some of the myths and historical inaccuracies that often pop up in historical writing. My first one, based on the number of page views I get about the subject, will be on Torture, Executions and Control – lots of nasty, gory stuff that people seem to love!

And of course keeping up with my blog posts!

So there you have it. I even feel excited writing about why I’m feeling excited. This is a very good place to be and I can only wish the same for all you other authors out there. 🙂

*Indie writers, for those who haven’t come across the term before, are those writers who don’t publish through traditional mainstream publishers but choose to self-publish via various routes. I will do a post on this soon.

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