Ten Scary Reasons Why Writers Need to Put Down the Cookies and Exercise

Writing is often such a sedentary occupation. And it’s not just writing, but any job that requires you to sit staring at your screen for X number of hours a day, staring at a bright screen and tapping little square keys with letters and numerals on them. People, our bodies were … Continue reading

A Little Bit on the Side: A Starving Artist’s Small Experiential Guide to Making Extra Income (or Not)

OK, I admit it. I have been a little (OK, a lot) elusive of late. Blog posts haven’t been written, friends haven’t been visited, Facebook posts have lessened in frequency, and all other social media platforms have been terribly neglected. I blame the season – well, partly anyway. I tend … Continue reading

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, Review

Many people have problems getting control of their lives, whether it be money, relationships, careers, business or just the day to day things. Life can seem chaotic, where you are at the whim of every external force or influence until you don’t know which way is up. Or maybe you’ve … Continue reading

A Quick Saturday Update on the First Medieval Guide Book

This Saturday I am sat here feeling a little bit smug and also a little excited. I am smug because I am way ahead in my schedule for my first draft of Crime and Punishment in Medieval England – an Easy Guidebook For Writers and Readers of Historical Fiction and excited … Continue reading