Aris Desun, a soldier with SpecialOps in the heavily fortressed, technically advanced City is convicted of a crime she did not commit and sent to neighbouring Balaat to be hunted down by the brutal mutant leader Pock and a hunting party. Once captured, she becomes one of the many women slaves at Pock’s stronghold, destined to fight for her life and body as entertainment in the hugely popular ‘Circus’. Her fighting skills help her to survive and she manages to escape the compound where she is held – the only woman to ever do so.

Fleeing from her captors she is rescued by two members of unit CU11 from neighbouring Hellyon. Jak and Tor take her back to their camp but Jak remains unconvinced that she is not just another infiltrator sent from City to destabilise Hellyon. At a time when Hellyon’s very borders are under threat from being over-run by its neighbours in Balaat, City and Jerregish it becomes crucial for CU11 to discover the truth about their new comrade. However, Aris is to be the least of their problems …

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In the midst of an anarchic breakdown of society in the UK, can one woman discover the truth about the death of her mercenary husband in Sierra Leone and find what he has left for her in a secret location in Wales?

Traveling across a country where fear and violence are now the norm, Angela must use every skill he taught her to stay alive. Even before she leaves the wreckage of the London suburbs, she finds herself trailed by a man as well armed as she is. Soon she finds herself in an uneasy alliance with him.

But who is he, and more to the point, can she really trust him?

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A delectable collection of dark tales and delicious poetry mostly penned during my past life as a creative writing student.


1. The Scene

2. Barn Owl



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