Dexter and Christmas Wishes!

It is nearly the end of the year, and yet it is the beginning of a new era for me.

After I lost Poppy I felt lost, like a part of me was missing. Although I could still function, I found that the emptiness of the house was almost unbearable and I used to have a little cry most nights. My loss was two-fold – of Poppy herself, and of a doggy presence in my life. Even so, I did not intend on having another dog just yet. I wanted to take advantage of my new freedom to go on long walks, write in different places outside the home, and visit castles without the worry of having to get back. Instead of doing those things, however, I found myself thoroughly unmotivated – going through the day on remote and not doing anything remotely enjoyable or productive.

And then, by complete accident, I came across a post on Facebook asking for a fosterer for a little beddy-whippet that had been rescued from a pound. It was like a lightbulb switching on in my head: I had to have that dog! I emailed Help for Hounds, the charity involved, and sent in a fostering application form. But of course I wasn’t the only one to fall in love with the little chap. I had competition. Waiting to hear back, I had a nail-biting time hoping and wishing for it to be me. Thankfully, it was, and on Sunday 9th December, Dexter came into my life.

A stray before doing his ‘time’ in the pound prior to being rescued, he was hin and completely untrained. However, he was also full of love and wanted nothing more than to please. Despite a couple of instances of scenting around the house, he has taken to house-training perfectly. And within the week, with the help of training treats, he was already sitting, lying down and staying. In the last couple of days he sits and stays while I walk away and he has taken to his ‘kennel’ – a soft crate in the living room. He still kitchen counter surfs (all food has to be moved out of reach) – and worrying managed to find and eat some sultanas the other day, necessitating a visit to the vet to make him sick – but otherwise he is the best companion.

He is young, probably around a year old so hopefully I will have a long time with him. Of course I still miss Poppy – she will always be my baby and I still think of her as part pf the family. But I also feel that Dexter coming to me was a matter of fate. Maybe Poppy had a paw in it somewhere – seeing a dog in need of a loving home, and her former companion in need of a cuddly friend. Who knows?

Whatever, it is a wonderful start to something new at the end of a sad time, and also a good way to celebrate Christmas and a New Year. And on that note, all that remains for me to say to my readers is have a wonderful Christmas full of smiles, love and comfort and wishes for a fantastic New Year. Alternatively Happy Solstice! May you all be as blessed as I feel right now!


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