Hellyon’s Stand and Re-vamped Writer’s Site

At last the day has come!

After a month or so of re-editing my first novel – I think I lost about 3000 words in the process – and getting stuck into the dark art of WordPress design, I can finally reveal the results!

Hellyon’s Stand

Hellyons Stand Kindle CoverHellyon’s Stand was a novel I started way back in the 90s, after I dreamt the first chapter. It took many more years before the final words were written, with several breaks in between. I originally wrote in a sort of comic-book format and never really had a clue where t was going! Some friends of mine helped me to develop some of the characters: Jak, Tor and Fen ( and so a big vote of thanks also goes to Paul, Andy and Dai) but the rest of the story was mine. I’d originally planned to go much further and set a website with maps of Terres, background features, the wildlife etc but it became too enormous to think about and so I dropped it. It has remained in a drawer for a very long time and the only people to have read it are the lads above, and my dad, just before he died. In the meantime I have written many other things, both fiction and non-fiction. However, some months back I came across it again and thought that, with a bit of tweaking and rewriting, it was actually publishable. And so, here I am today, launching it at last!

As usual I have been very hands on in this process (mainly because I can, but also because it saves money). Hence I have been responsible for the typesetting, formatting, cover design and publishing. Any mistakes you find are mine and mine alone (but perhaps you could let me know if you do find a typo so that I can change it if I ever resubmit the text for Kindle or Createspace again – I’ll owe you a coffee!).

If you want to know more about what it’s about or buy it (and I really hope you do!) click here.


6a00e551f08003883401b7c716bc86970bThis languished, unloved for far too long even though the few blog posts I put on it were quite popular. Since I started it I have become far more proficient with web design on WordPress and have created several sites with quite complicated features. It seemed, therefore, to be rather a bad show that my writer’s website, the ‘portfolio’ of my work if you like, was trailing behind like a seagull that had eaten too many chips. So, in a nutshell, here’s what I did: change from WordPress.com to WordPress.org (or is it the other way around, I can never remember!), get hosting, get a theme I could work with (this took two days on its own), play around with the theme to get the look right, add content, add Amazon buttons etc, finalise ‘the look’ and make sure it all played nicely with itself and other sites.

Strangely, even though I have put up an e-commerce site before, this one has been the most complicated and involved yet and has had me tearing my hair out at times. Still the upsides are that I have learned new skills again and also saved a great deal of money in having someone else do it for me. The downside is that I’ve used up all the headache tablets!

Anyway, I hope you like the new look and will spend some time exploring the pages, looking at book excerpts (and hopefully buying the books too! 🙂 )


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