Notes About Hellyon’s Stand

Note about the book:

This is the first novel I wrote, way before Devil to Pay, before I went to study creative writing at university and before I started writing blogs. My style may have changed a bit in the meantime but, after editing and rewriting some of it I decided it was good enough to go ‘public’. As for how it started… actually it was with a dream. In essence I dreamt the entire chase scene in the first chapter, although the participants had lasers not mechanical guns. It inspired me so much that I began to read up on weaponry and special forces (which is, incidentally, how I started off ghost writing about military and survival subjects!). At the time I started it – in the 90s – I was part of a medieval re-enactment society and some of the guys in it were also keen role-players (LARP etc). I decided to create characters based on their input and so, thanks to Paul, Dai and Andy – Jak, Fenim and Torassin came into being. The novel took, in all (including many breaks), about five years to complete – with many rewrites and scratched scenes into the bargain. Finally I put it aside, only sending copies to the lads involved, not thinking it good enough to go anywhere. Actually, I must admit, after five years I was just rather jaded by the thing and looking for pastures new.

The last person to read it was my dad, just before his untimely death in 2001. After finishing it he took my hand and made me promise to keep on writing, no matter what – the first time he had ever acknowledged me as a writer. Of course, I have kept that promise.



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