New HQ

Yep, I’ve been designing again!

I thought it was about time I took this writing lark to the next level. As you will see in the sidebar, I have been busy working on two titles that should be released on Kindle and Smashwords in about two months time. That way I will have some of my writing out in the public arena while I continue the 2nd redraft of Despenser, my work in progress.

The Devil to Pay is a complete rework of my MA in Creative and Critical Writing thesis piece – a thriller based in a Britain where all social order and infrastructure has broken down due to a freak solar storm. Angela finds herself trapped in the flat of her dead husband – a mercenary killed in Africa. But it is a flat she knew nothing about, and when she finds a notebook containing the location of a secret hideout in south Wales, she realises that she didn’t know him at all. Following the book’s directions, she risks her life to travel across the now dangerous territories of city and countryside to discover the truth. But she is not alone. Who is the stranger following her, and more importantly, can she trust him?

Not Only the Ink is Black is an anthology of poetry and short stories from the dark years and also the college days of my life. From time to time I will be publishing little extracts, so  watch this space!

In the meantime I will still be working just as hard on Despenser, blogging on Lady Despenser’s Scribery about Hugh Despenser and 14th Century life, and socialising on Facebook and Twitter. This blog will be mainly about writing, my life as a writer and the other books in my life. And, thank goodness, I won’t have to do any research beforehand! This is still a work in progress though (while I learn to adjust CSS and other dark arts!) so please bear with me while I play with my widgets!

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