The Joys of Self Publishing (or how to go quietly insane): Part Two

Before I write part two of the self publishing post, I’ve just realised that, although I’ve publicised it just about everywhere else, I’ve forgotten to put my latest news about Devil to Pay on the writing blog! Anyway – the news is, the Devil to Pay website is up at … Continue reading


A big thankyou to everyone who downloaded Not Only the Ink is Black for free – and for those who have left reviews (more please? 🙂  )! I’ve had some fantastic feedback for what is the first book published under my real name (and on my own). I talk about … Continue reading

Not Only the Ink is Black – Inspirations: Part Three

The final insight into the stories behind the stories (and poems). E-natomy of a Relationship Written after coming out of a bad relationship where the other party, I can only assume to get back at me, was badmouthing me, saying he was scared of what I was going to do … Continue reading