The Devil To Pay Launched!!!

At last!! Finally!! After what seems like a lifetime rewriting, editing and then pre-publishing preparation, the short novel I wrote for my MA in Creative Writing has finally been sent out into the public arena!! As usual it wasn’t without last-minute issues as Amazon KDP wouldn’t accept the carefully formatted … Continue reading


A big thankyou to everyone who downloaded Not Only the Ink is Black for free – and for those who have left reviews (more please? 🙂  )! I’ve had some fantastic feedback for what is the first book published under my real name (and on my own). I talk about … Continue reading

Rewriting #1

At the moment my writing time is divided between two manuscripts: Despenser and Devil to Pay. Both are in need of extensive rewriting, including major changes in style and structure. If they were people, they’d be being wheeled into the emergency department right now for urgent resuscitation: ‘Jules,’ the paramedics … Continue reading