A big thankyou to everyone who downloaded Not Only the Ink is Black for free – and for those who have left reviews (more please? 🙂  )! I’ve had some fantastic feedback for what is the first book published under my real name (and on my own).

I talk about writing this and that all the time, and yet I’ve been aware lately that no-one has really seen any evidence of anything I’ve produced. It’s not that it’s not out there – just that at least 10 titles are ghost-written for someone else, and so I cannot reveal them. And the others were published under a pen name (Lucy Summers) because they were not the sort of book I wanted to have associated with my real name.

The other problem is that all my past works were ones of non-fiction. Even my popular blog and website about Hugh Despenser are full of research and factual writing. Until the publication of Not Only the Ink is Black not many people had ever seen or heard any of my fictional stuff. Now, at least, I have something tangible out in the public arena.

So, what’s next? Another old but rewritten piece called The Devil to Pay. It’s a short thriller – around 20,000 words, so it makes for a quick read. But I hope it will be a great read too. With any luck it should be available within a couple of weeks. At the moment I am building its website and, although I say it myself, it looks rather exciting. It’s not just about the book, but also the issues and subjects behind the story. There are extra content pages on solar flares, special forces, private military companies and diamond mining – as well as book ‘extras’: the playlist, an excerpt, resources and a bit about the places mentioned in the text.

I will be talking much more about it in the next few weeks (before I get back to the 14th century again), so please join me on this sideways journey from my normal writing niche!

Oh, and for any who are interested, in addition to my ‘normal’ Twitter feed at @julesfrusher, I now have another account for military type stuff too: @Jules_Frusher.

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