The Devil To Pay Launched!!!

At last!!


After what seems like a lifetime rewriting, editing and then pre-publishing preparation, the short novel I wrote for my MA in Creative Writing has finally been sent out into the public arena!!

Hoofing! The book’s here at last!

As usual it wasn’t without last-minute issues as Amazon KDP wouldn’t accept the carefully formatted HTML file I’d prepared (all to every full stop of the instructions)! I tried saving it in a new file, uploading on a different browser – even changing the filename several times but to no avail. What made it more puzzling was that it had exactly the same coding as my last book, Not Only The Ink Is Black – which uploaded with no problems at all. I queried it with KDP of course, and their response was that the file was corrupted. Well, that would make sense, but I couldn’t find any corruption and, as I mentioned earlier, making a new file didn’t work either. In the end I had to go the Word document upload route – which has never been my first choice as I don’t think it publishes as nicely as HTML. Still, needs must!

That put the launch a day behind, but thankfully I had no problems either with Smashwords or FeedARead (the print version). And this time I also remembered to do the Facebook page AND this blog!

As before, all the version/buying options can be found on the book’s website at The links to Kindle UK and US are on there, but I’m afraid other countries are going to have to do a search (quicker to do it under my name). As KDP & Smashwords are American, I had to fix the price in US dollars at $2.99, which means the UK price may vary depending on the exchange rate. It is currently £1.99 on UK Kindle but I can’t see what it is on Smashwords!

Anyway, the publishing of this book marks the end of my self-publishing ventures for now (apart from on-going publicity). Which means that I can again concentrate on the bit I love most: writing and research! And I should also have more time for blogging again!

Can’t see a coffee cup on there!!

So, to keep this author in essential chocolate biscuits, coffee, please consider buying a copy of The Devil To Pay. I promise you, you won’t regret it, even if you don’t normally read action thrillers!

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