The ‘Playlist’

Some songs just seem to fit naturally with a story, or, in my mind, would be chosen by the characters. I tend to put such songs together on a ‘playlist’ for when I need some inspiration. Here is the list for Devil To Pay, along with links to a video on You Tube so that you can hear it (if you wish).

Out of My Mind – Duran Duran:
This one is for Angela, with her conflicted feelings about Leo after his death. Even though he has made her life hell at times, there is still a part of her that feels lost without him.

Hero – Skillet:
The original song that I wanted for a promo video as it fitted so well! Sadly due to lack of resources, the video had to be put on hold. I love the lyrics, especially ‘It’s just another war’.

And the Band Played On – Simple Minds:
Chosen because it somehow has an apocalyptical feel about it and has always reminded me of dark, war torn streets and people surviving any way they can. As the song says: ‘A coward dies a thousand times, the brave, they die just once.’

Five to One – The Doors:
I can just imagine Mark playing this in his car in his life pre Solar storm. Plus, I think any film/book with a war theme should include some Doors somewhere!

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd:
Dedicated to an ex US SF and mercenary I once knew who was with Executive Outcomes in Angola. RIP LC AKA KS. Airborne! All the Way!

World Falls Away – Seether:
Another candidate piece of ‘theme music’ for the promo video that didn’t happen. Quite apt because, for millions of people, the world has just fallen away from everything they know.

Diamonds From Sierra Leone:
Self explanatory really – a song about blood diamonds and the plight of Sierra Leone before Executive Outcomes were hired to take back the diamond fields for the government.

I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace:
The way Angela felt about Mark for quite a bit of the time – and yet she couldn’t shake her attraction to him either.

Dance With the Devil – Breaking Benjam:
Another song that just has the right feeling. ‘Say goodbye, as we dance with the Devil tonight’.






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