The New Writing Diet

Yes, amazing thought, isn’t it? Writing can make you thin, or so the Daily Mail claims.

In an article in yesterday’s paper (yes, I’m afraid I do buy the Saturday Mail, but only for the TV guide!), it was claimed that writing for 15 mins a day about the things you love can have a slimming effect. If so, there must be hundreds, if not thousands of writers out there, all, like me, writing about things they love and for far more time than 15 minutes, who must be positively skinny!

If only.

In my experience, writing at home puts you at far more risk of visits to the cookie cupboard (yes, in our house we have a cupboard – a jar’s just not big enough!) at those times when you just need to think about the plot, have a break or, heaven forbid, need an excuse to procrastinate. And those who have their desks closer to the food source, i.e. on the same floor or in the same room, are at double the risk of those who have the added protection of stairs or an outdoor trek (for those lucky enough to have an actual writing shed).


However, to be fair to the article, it was talking more about the journal writing experience, a sort of ‘this is me today, and I love who I am, my family, my dog, my cuddly hippo collection’ sort of thing. I suppose it verges on some sort of writing therapy, a counting of blessings to boost self esteem and therefore lessen the need for comfort eating. Although, personally, to realise just how well off I am, I just watch the Jeremy Kyle show as necessary.

I suppose, whether it works or not – and it obviously seems to for some, according to the article – it’s a good idea to put your thoughts and current things that give you a passion for life’ in a journal. At the very least it gives you something to look back on and hopefully grin about when you’re in your rocking chair later on. It’s always nice to keep a journal in an actual paper notebook (especially as there are sooooo many pretty ones to choose from), but if you prefer to stick to the keyboard, there are some fantastic downloadable apps that do the business. As a Mac User, I use Day One (, which sadly isn’t available to PC-ers. But I’m sure with a little Googling, you can find one just as good (and maybe put it in a comment below).

Anyway, here’s a poll:

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