Having missed a week (nearly two, in fact), I thought I’d better give a quick update on what’s happening. It’s all busy, busy, busy!

The Devil To Pay has now gone to the copyeditor’s a month early, great news, but it means that I have even more to cram into my schedule than before. Despenser is still patiently waiting for its turn, but that’s not far away, and then it will have my full focus. My main attention has been on the anthology, Not Only The Ink Is Black, however, as this will be the first e-book to hit the virtual shelves, hopefully on 17th April.

It has been edited, proofed and re-read and is awaiting the HTML formatting treatment so that it’ll play nicely with Kindle and all the other e-book readers. In addition to that, I am also designing a web page for it, with all the info about the book as well as some excerpts (actually, a couple of full short stories and poems). It’s about half done as I speak, and, although I say it myself, it looks pretty a pretty classy site for a free e-book.

So there will be much more to come on this blog in the next week or so, with further updates and snippets of what to expect. But until then, I’d better get back into my super-geek’s outfit and go and stare meaningfully at some HTML code!

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