Works in Progress

I tend to have more than one project on the go, as when I need space away from one, I can get on with another. Here are my on-going projects in order of completeness:



The first (and also, confusingly the middle) book of a trilogy about Edward II’s hated favourite. This traces his life between the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and 1322, when he was brought back from his life of exile as a pirate to once again rule the king’s court with an iron fist. Son, husband, father, lover, knight, pirate and extortionist – what made this man become the dark tyrant that he became? This story explores the real man behind the historical notoriety.


Crime and Punishment in Medieval England

A history of the criminal system that existed in medieval England, showing the reality of crimes and the punishments that could be inflicted on those found guilty. From trials of combat to hanging, drawing and quartering, this contains examples of real trials and executions and also demolishes many myths including those about torture.


The Owl Wife

When a mysterious woman is found naked and alone in a field on a farm in Dorset in 1921, a chain of events is set in motion that turns the sleepy village into a place of secrets and terror. As the ancient mythic past intrudes into the present, it is up to Will and Sarah, the farm’s owners, and a mysterious hare-whisperer called Malachi Malkin to put things right again.


The Devil You Know

The sequel to The Devil to Pay. A group of university academics need to get from London to Birmingham with some secret research, and hire Mark as an armed escort. The countryside and towns are still dangerous and lawless after the effects of the solar flare a year ago, although gangs now control certain areas. Some are more powerful than others and have already taken engineers and scientists into their ranks to give them an advantage over their opponents. The journey is difficult, but Mark faces an even greater challenge when he comes face to face with a woman he thought never to see again – the woman who left him for dead.

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